It has been said that Fred knows a little about a lot of things and a lot about little things.  We hope you enjoy reading about some of these things as we explore our wonderful world.

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  1. Audrey Shabbas says:

    Hi, I’m Audrey in Bali. I’d like to use a photo or two for educational non-profit use. I’m a story teller and I usually begin a story about and image, and let others join in with their memories and humor. We’re mostly retired folk and we can have more like conversations around a table in a kitchen or cafe, than comments provide on other platforms. See what we’re about on jigidi.com and see if you’d like your photos to get folk doing some brain exercise routines. You’d be where an image will take your. . .one I posted of a corner of a sail (yeah on a boat) took us to such lengthy pieces some thought there should be a diplomas after the 100th piece of conversation or nonsense. It I print out those “comments” I think it would be about 40 pages of copypaper. There are thousands around the world on this site, but we still gravitate and seem to make a family of 4-20 folk. We console each other when we’re sick or have a difficult time. It’s so much more. But it begins with a great photo or piece of art. Have a look, jigidi.com
    Thank you,
    I don’t know my way around the web very well. . .please communicate by email? By the way, I’ve just had my 81st birthday. . .and my own travels aren’t over, though they’ve taken me to such places as Borneo, the Marshes of Southern Iraq, and Timbuktu where I was expected and had entre to the ancient libraries there.

    • tbeartravels says:

      Hi Audrey
      Thankyou for your comment on tbeartravels. I can see no harm in you or jigidi using any of my images. At least 99% of the images that appear on my blog we have taken ourselves and any that we did not take have copyright clearance. If you look at the credits under each image you will see the copyright details. It sounds like your world wide community have a lot of fun, I will draw Bev’s attention to the Jigidi page, it would be right up her ally.

      Regards Fred

  2. Angela Potts says:

    Dear Bev and Fred
    I was dreaming of a house in kythera to visit after the Covid situation passes and came across your blog

    Hopefully you are both ok and planning your next adventure

    • tbeartravels says:

      Hi Angela
      Thankyou for your comment re tbeartravels. If you can get to Kythera you will not regret it. The only way to get around the island is to hire a car, you could of course ride a bike but the hills are massive. I didn’t see a bike on Kythera. If you hire a car be sure to have food and water on board and also a sleeping bag. I say this because there are some remote places on Kythera and if you had a break down you could become stranded until someone comes along.

      Regards Fred and Bev

  3. Dear Fred and Bev,
    We would like to be able to reproduce one of your photographs of Karrku (Northern Territory, Australia) in a book related to Aboriginal painting and culture.
    I could not find your email on your site; would you be kind enough to reach back to me so that I can give you more information about the project ?
    With kind regards

  4. rene huemer says:

    Dear Bev & Fred,
    I am absolutely amazed by your travels and sent you an email regarding a little portrait shoot in Vienna. looking forward hearing back from you
    with kind regards

    • tbeartravels says:

      Hi Rene
      Yes we are on for the shoot and we will see you at 11-00am.

      Regards Fred and Bev.
      For readers of these comments: Bev and I stayed in a pension in Vienna during August 2019 and we bumped into Rene who is a photographer. He plays around with the collodion wetplate photographic process. Bev and I sat for portraits in his portable darkroom. The results were fantastic. I will write about Rene and the process in the Vienna stories to come.

  5. Christine Grote says:

    Hi Fred and Bev,
    this is Christine Grote from Germany writing. I wanted to contact you via Coachsurfing (but your profile dissapeared inbetween the last days), because I am a participant for the next World Gliding Championship in Lake Keepit in January 2020. Your Coach would be to far from the airfield anyway, but I looked for someone to get in contact with to ask and check for other possibilites. The Resort around are already fully booked or much too expensive. Perhaps you have a moment to answer this E-Mail. I think you can check the internet for me, if you find this mail to strange.
    Kind regards Christine

  6. Bruce Thomas says:

    Dear Fred,
    I found your website when using Google to search for my new website which has a somewhat similar title to yours. I also drove from Colombo to London overland, although a little before you, in 1969. My new website is here – https://bmthomas6.wixsite.com/overland
    It is based on my daily diary of the trip and was written about 10 years ago for my two sons. There are 12 chapters with a few photographs. I also have a lot more photos from the trip (277) on my Flickr website. The link to it can be found in the bottom right hand corner of the Home Page of my Wix website. You will also find an email link, in case you wish to contact me. I just thought my story and photos might bring back a few memories for you too.

  7. Brendon Nguyen-Le says:

    Dear Fred
    Hey Fred I dont think you remember me but i’m related to Pieta and Patricia that just visited your inspiring ‘mud brick house’. Im only 16 years of age and I really find your travelling around the world inspiring and i’ve always wanted to pursue traveling & photography. However, I don’t know if i should wait because of financial reasons or simply because im to ‘young’ to travel… It would be great if you could give any advice for myself and other young people that desire to follow in your footsteps as a traveler and photographer!!!
    Sincerly, Brendon. Nguyen-Le

    • tbeartravels says:


      Pleased you have enjoyed our travels. Any thought of travel no matter how old you are is a positive and my suggestions to you is if you can afford it go when it pleases you. If you are a tad short on cash get stuck into making some dough for a couple of years then hit the road. Being young and possibly not so travel wise it would be good for you to get work in a country where English is spoken. Test the water as it were. Travelling young means you will be exposed to many cultures and ways of life which will influence you and you will return home knowing what you want from life.

      Hope I have been of some use. Fred and Bev

      I recently read a book about two bike riders who just turned twenty who rode bikes across Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China and although it was testing they survived. So being young is no handicap.

  8. Dear Fred and Bev,

    I hope you are well.

    The blog is quite beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

    I’m writing from Dorling Kindersley, a publishing house based in London.

    We are interested in using one of your images. Could you kindly let me know if you’d be interested?

    My mail ID is surya.sarangi@dk.com

    Looking forward to your response.

    Thank you,
    Surya Sankash Sarangi.
    Dorling Kindersley Publishing.

  9. DJ Krasten says:

    Awesome blog. Well written & well illustrated! I am digging those hand sketches (done by Fred?) of the places you have visited on your travels. Having recently moved back to Europe, I now find myself following in your footsteps when it comes to Greece and Turkey… having already, fully unbeknownst to me at the time (just discovered your blog today), gone down some of the same routes you are now tracing in France… what a coincidence indeed! Cheers & happy trails.

    DJ in Salonica (on the way back to Samotraki as of tomorrow)

    • tbeartravels says:

      Dear DJ
      Thanks for your comments. Re the questions you posed: Bev and I did not climb to the top of the mountain and the reason was that when on Samothraki we were overcome with the lay back lifestyle meaning we seemed to sit and watch the world go by a lot so there was no time for mountain climbing. There is a track to the top roughly in the position I have drawn on the map. The hot pools area was closed when we were there as it was basically out of season, however we did find some old pools on the side of a hill in which we dangled our legs.

      Good you are in Europe, the world is on your doorstep, if you ever get the chance to go to Kythera Island Greece (I wrote extensively about it in blog) do so as if you enjoyed Samothraki you would enjoy Kythera. You need to hire a car there, if you do send me a message and I will give you a contact.

      Thanks for the comment. I will be posting Part 2 France in about a week.

      Regards Fred and Bev

  10. Kevin Moore says:

    Wonderful adventure and so well described – the passion leaps at of the words. Outstanding effort cheers Kevin. Some decent rain in Tamworth over past 2 days

    • tbeartravels says:


      Good to hear from you. Bev and I on Island of Kythera and there are some very serious cliff faces here which I hope one day you can get your face on. Will be posting stories and pics soon.
      Fred and Bev

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